November 22, 2017

November 22, 2017

Better a child molester than a Democrat. So says our president. Furthermore, Trump declares, “He totally denies it.” Well, that should settle it. Just like Putin. Just like Trump himself, when it comes to sexually assaulting women, or any other convenient lie he cares to tell.

There is a poetic justice in the way Trump has recklessly inserted himself into the Alabama Senate election and the issue of Roy Moore’s abuses. For starters, it once again divides the Republican Party, most of whose senior figures from Mitch McConnell to Jeff Sessions have said that they believe Moore’s accusers.

Second, it usefully reminds the public that Trump is a pathological liar who identifies with and defends other strategic liars. And third, of course, it brings back into the spotlight Trump’s own history of sexual abuse.

The revolution against at-will abuse of women by powerful men has only begun. And something is deeply wrong with this overdue reckoning when the abuser-in-chief sits, unmolested, so to speak, in the Oval Office.

It would be true poetic justice if Trump finally initiated a national focus on his own sexual abuses, beginning his final downfall, by identifying with a serial child molester and liar. That would signal a true shift in sexual power, a true feminist revolution.