Terry Allen

Terry J. Allen is a freelance investigative reporter based in New York City. She has written for Salon, The Boston Globe, New Scientist (London), and In These Times. She is also a contributing editor for In These Times.

Recent Articles

Vermont v. Buckley

I t would have taken Solomon to decide the court case challenging Vermont's campaign finance reform bill. The most radical effort in the nation, Act 64 capped both contributions and spending for statewide offices. But this summer, a ménage à trois of plaintiffs--the Republican Party, the Vermont Right to Life Committee, and the ACLU--challenged the bill in federal district court in Burlington, Vermont. They argued that the reform violated the First Amendment rights of freedom of speech and assembly and was, thus, more dangerous to democracy than any alleged appearance of government for sale by the politicians to the special interests. Defending the bill were the state of Vermont, the Vermont Public Interest Research Group, and the Boston-based National Voting Rights Institute (NVRI). Judge William Sessions III found a Solomon-like solution: In a tone of restrained passion, he supported the "attempt by the Vermont legislature to address the real-world problem of excessive...