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Sam Rosenfeld is a Ph.D. candidate in history at Harvard University and a former web editor at the Prospect.

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B-H B.S.

B-H B.S. Recall that David Ignatius wrote an op-ed last week championing the Bush administration's trial-balloon interest in resuscitating some of the Baker - Hamilton Commission's recommendations for Iraq, and wagging his finger at "partisans" like Nancy Pelosi and the president himself for standing in the way of a bipartisan solution to the Iraq "impasse." Now that Bush has made explicit his intention to follow a few of the commission's recommendations (as he said Thursday, "Actually, I would call that a plan recommended by Baker-Hamilton, so that would be a Plan B-H."), Ignatius is back at it . What drove the White House discussion of post-surge strategy was a sense that the political timeline in Washington was out of sync with the military one in Baghdad. The U.S. clock needed to be slowed down, while the one in Iraq needed to be speeded up. The best way to synchronize clocks, officials concluded, was a less ambitious but more sustainable policy -- one that emphasized the training...


ELEPHANT HUNTING. I'm admittedly biased because I have written a couple of pieces (as has Ezra ) for Ryan Sager's new online politics site at the New York Sun -- not to mention, Sager's book about Republicans' increasingly dicey status in the Interior West, The Elephant in the Room , is an obvious complement to arguments from my own book -- but if you want to find solid, daily coverage of the GOP presidential primary contest, Sager's Latest Politics beat at the Sun is pretty darn good. I may be reading a bit too much into Sager's posts, but he seems to have an affinity for Fred Thompson , about whose potential entry into the GOP field Sager writes today. Worth checking out. --Tom Schaller


MITT ROMNEY, CYBORG. This , from Bruce Reed , made me laugh out loud multiple times. --Sam Rosenfeld


DISTINCTION WITHOUT A DIFFERENCE. I think Christopher Orr has the goods here regarding Joe Klein and John Kerry . --Sam Rosenfeld


ON THE SUPPLEMENTAL. Some folks have asked, why the silence on TAPPED (and TAP Online ) regarding the grim endgame to the Iraq supplemental fight in Congress? Fair enough! It's been a travel week for a lot of us and I, for one, am trying to catch up; we do have a piece going up hopefully as early as this afternoon about the problems with the bill; etc. etc. But enough with the explanations and onto some shrillness: I think Matt Stoller 's exactly right here . If you don't have the votes for a withdrawal timeline you don't have the votes, but the lipstick-on-a-pig rationalizations we're hearing from some Democrats (see the excerpts from Stoller) are truly crazy. To be blunt, even if the political calculations offered in defense of voting for the bill were correct (and that's dubious), it's not even an election year . Democrats are discussing all the mean things Republicans might say about them "during the upcoming recess week" as if voters go to the polls on Memorial Day -- and as if...