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Sam Rosenfeld is a Ph.D. candidate in history at Harvard University and a former web editor at the Prospect.

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THE IRAN CONNECTION. Ezra and Matt express skepticism about the new Michael Gordon -penned piece on Iran's supply of bombs used against U.S. troops in Iraq. Gareth Porter has written recently about another such story of Iranian meddling that rested on pretty thin evidence. --Sam Rosenfeld


IVO DAALDER. Jon Chait links to this op-ed by Robert Kagan and Ivo Daalder proposing a "Concert of Democracies" to lend legitimacy to American interventions. Matt raises some compelling objections to the notion, but the broader merits of the concept aside, this from Chait caught my attention: "[The op-ed is] interesting not so much for what it says but for who says it. The co-authors are neoconservative Robert Kagan and liberal ( Iraq war opponent and former Howard Dean supporter) Ivo Daalder of the Brookings Institution." [ italics added ] Daalder was, like many many many center-left foreign policy establishment types, pretty cautious in his public commentary in the run-up to the Iraq war. But he did sign this March 19, 2003 Project for a New American Century letter , the first sentence of which reads: "Although some of us have disagreed with the administration's handling of Iraq policy and others of us have agreed with it, we all join in supporting the military intervention in Iraq...


ELEVATING THE DISCUSSION. The AP's David Yepsen did indeed get in a quick acerbic dig at yesterday's GOP presidential debate after Rudy Giuliani said his plan to rebuild America's infrastructure would be to cut taxes. It didn't seem like it registered among any of the contenders, though. Giuliani's answer typified the rock-hard commitment to vacuous conservative nostrums and inane dogma that the candidates have ably maintained in debate after debate. I keep waiting to see that commitment break somewhere, sometime, from one of these guys ( Ron Paul excepted), but it hasn't happened. Two more wearying examples: John McCain Mitt Romney 's [ed] non-sequitur "have you forgotten 9/11?" retort to Paul's riff on the Iraq war supporters' track record, and all the candidates ramblings about "market-based" solutions to health care ("Let’s get back to freedom," suggested Duncan Hunter ). I certainly couldn't share Isaac Chotiner 's relatively upbeat take on the debate. What's most...


TNR LIIIIIIIES! Michelle Malkin and co. vindicated re. Beauchamp gate! Or, perhaps not... Special bonus salaciousness here . UPDATE: Eventheliberal Scott Lemieux concedes that his initial suspicions of Stephen Glass redux were wrong. --Sam Rosenfeld


PROFILES IN COURAGE. Matt and Kevin Drum disagree a bit about the plausibility of the scenario outlined to Mike Crowley by Mystery Republican Senator X: On Iraq, this senator said he expects that, come September and the Petraeus-Crocker report, the White House will announce "a transition to a new approach." He thinks that will involve a non-trivial drawdown of troops, and a returned emphasis to training Iraqi forces, though he wasn't too clear beyond that. He also said such a shift would head off any possible collapse in congressional GOP support for the war. It's true both, as Matt says, that this troop drawdown is unlikely and, as Kevin says, that even if it were true it would be pretty incoherent and unserious of the GOP to sign off on the change in approach. The central point to take away from Crowley's interview is -- to be uncharitable about it -- just simply that Republicans won't under any conceivable circumstances rise up and oppose the president's war policy next month,...