Roger Hickey

Roger Hickey is the co-director with Robert L. Borosage of the Campaign for America's Future, along with whom he is also the editor and contributor to the book The Next Agenda: Blueprint for a New Progressive Movement.

Recent Articles

A Battle Progressives Can Win

President Bush claims the 2004 election gave him a mandate to pursue his No. 1 second-term priority, the partial privatization of Social Security. But the voters don't think so. Only 35 percent of Americans think Bush has a mandate “to allow workers to invest some of their Social Security taxes in the stock market,” while 51 percent say he has no such mandate, according to the NBC News/ Wall Street Journal poll conducted just after Bush's re-election victory. But Bush is gambling his winning streak on persuading a majority in Congress to vote to dismantle the most popular and successful social-insurance program in the nation's history. And, even though he and his allies are still debating crucial and very controversial details, Bush has pledged to get legislation through Congress this year (before the 2006 midterm election year begins). For progressives, the battle for Social Security represents a rare opportunity to stop the newly re-elected president dead in his tracks,...