Liesl Schillinger

Liesl Schillinger is a New York–based literary critic and translator. Her translation of Natasa Dragnic’s novel, Every Day, Every Hour (Viking), comes out in May.

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Barbarians at the Transom

Lionel Shriver's The New Republic is a provocative and satiric novel about—of all things—terrorism. 

Harper Collins
The New Republic By Lionel Shriver, HarperCollins, 400 pages, $26.99 What if there were a war, and no journalists covered it? Alternately, what if there weren’t a war, and every journalist covered it? How might our lawmakers react? It’s worth remembering that in 1993, when Spy magazine prank-called U.S. congressmen, asking what the administration should do about ethnic cleansing in Freedonia, several of the officials demanded immediate action. Freedonia, as it happens, was not a warring Balkan land but the fictional setting of the Marx Brothers film Duck Soup . Spy soon exposed the trap it had laid, but are there not other fictions that go uncaught and unrevealed and end by affecting foreign policy? This is the provocative question that the writer and social observer Lionel Shriver sports with in The New Republic , her latest published novel and a satire about—of all things—terrorism. “Provocative” is the right word for Lionel Shriver, a North...