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Jaime Fuller is a former associate editor at The American Prospect

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Daily Meme: The Year of TK

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Ringside Seat: Things We Said about 2016 Last Year, When It Was More Crazy Far Away than It Is Now

"2016 BEGINS TONIGHT" “I hope this means Hillary is running,” said Niall O’Dowd, the publisher of IrishCentral.com and other Irish publications in New York, who is joining the secretary in Ireland at her invitation. “She has enormous strength in the Irish-American community because of the Clintons’ massive role in bringing peace to Northern Ireland. She’s a country mile ahead of every other contender with the Irish .” "LAST week I stumbled across this headline: 'Gov. Cuomo passes on supporting Hillary Clinton for 2016 presidential bid .' Savor the epic, eye-crossing absurdity of that." "In conclusion, it can be predicted that Hillary Clinton has necessary favorable planetary support during 2016 US Presidential election." "Viewed a certain way, the 2012 election can be seen as a gift to Republicans wrapped in ugly paper. The wrapping looked like a hostage note with a message scrawled in crayon: 'We hate you.' But inside was a gift, and the gift...

Daily Meme: Good Night and Good Luck, Longterm Unemployed

Unless Congress passes a last-minute extension, an unemployment benefits program created in 2008 will expire for 1.3 million Americans at the end of the month. That number includes 12,700 South Carolinians ... ... 80,000 Pennsylvanians ... ... 25,000 people in Washington state. .. ... 58,000 Massachusetts residents ... ... 90,000 New Jerseyeans ... ... 17,8000 people in Oregon ... ... and 43,000 Michiganders , as well as countless more of the longterm jobless in the United States. If nothing is extended through next year, 3.6 million more people will lost benefits at the end of 2014. The White House estimates that dropping the extension would lead to a loss of 240,000 jobs in 2014. What does this all mean? Well, Matt Yglesias sums up the situation by saying, "the long-term unemployed are screwed." The program, officially known as emergency unemployment compensation, gives recipients on average $1,166 per month , and could be used for up to 73 weeks. In November 2013, four out of every...

Daily Meme: Diners and the Politicians Who Love Them

Esquire asked House Speaker John Boehner to advise its readers on what to do in January 2014. He endorsed breakfast at a diner , an act nearly as entwined with an American politician's electoral fate as legislating and making fundraising calls. " What is it about politicians and diners? " Who knows when, but somewhere along the line, diner-hopping became the equivalent of ice-skating in the All-American Electoral Olympics. The sport involves saying "pie" as many times as possible in one speech (Obama's current record is 12 times)... ... endurance talking points-ing your way out of awkward conversations with people who disagree with you ... ... telling Dad jokes to as many old people gulping down soggy scrambled eggs as possible ... ... marathon hot dog photo shoots ... ... not dying from extreme cactus bread exposure ... ... avoiding the diners that have banned politicians from the premises ... ... and not running on "a platform of zombie preparedness , mandatory tooth-brushing and...

Daily Meme: The President Is Hitler, a History

Over the weekend, North Carolina state Senator Bob Rucho tweeted : "Justice Robert's pen & Obamacare has done more damage to the USA then the swords of the Nazis ,Soviets & terrorists combined." Rick Santorum : "We think, well, you know, it'll get better. Yeah, he's a nice guy. I mean, it won't be near as bad as what we think. This will be okay. I mean, yeah, maybe he's not the best guy after a while. After a while you find out some things about this guy over in Europe who's not so good of a guy after all, but ya know what, why do we need to be involved? We'll just take care of our own problems." Bill Flax : "Hitler’s election platform included 'an expansion on a large scale of old age welfare.' Nazi propaganda proclaimed, 'No one shall go hungry! No one shall be cold!' Germany had universal healthcare and demanded that 'the state be charged first with providing the opportunity for a livelihood.' Obama would relish such a 'jobs' program." Arizona state Representative...