Ringside Seat: Things We Said about 2016 Last Year, When It Was More Crazy Far Away than It Is Now

  • “I hope this means Hillary is running,” said Niall O’Dowd, the publisher of IrishCentral.com and other Irish publications in New York, who is joining the secretary in Ireland at her invitation. “She has enormous strength in the Irish-American community because of the Clintons’ massive role in bringing peace to Northern Ireland. She’s a country mile ahead of every other contender with the Irish.”
  • "LAST week I stumbled across this headline: 'Gov. Cuomo passes on supporting Hillary Clinton for 2016 presidential bid.' Savor the epic, eye-crossing absurdity of that."
  • "In conclusion, it can be predicted that Hillary Clinton has necessary favorable planetary support during 2016 US Presidential election."
  • "Viewed a certain way, the 2012 election can be seen as a gift to Republicans wrapped in ugly paper. The wrapping looked like a hostage note with a message scrawled in crayon: 'We hate you.' But inside was a gift, and the gift was time. The party was given the opportunity, when it is still strong, to hold the kind of fresh, open-the-windows debate it would have been forced to have in 2016 anyway, and in less favorable conditions."
  • "Will Benghazi Report Damage Hillary Clinton in 2016 Elections?"
  • "With the 2012 presidential election firmly in the rear-view mirror, it is not too soon to start looking four years hence, when Republicans will have another chance to make their case to the American people. Here, then, is an early attempt to handicap the list of likely standard-bearers for the GOP and the odds that they will gain the nomination."
  • "Holder for president?"
  • "The GOP is doomed — it lacks a 2016 presidential pick!"
  • "At an event in Washington, D.C. this evening, Paul Ryan asked Marco Rubio, 'Know any good diners in Iowa or New Hampshire?'"
  • "The relevant standard for all 2016 articles is whether they tell you something fresh about the character, background, or policy views of possible presidential contenders. If it is just horse-race journalism, then you can freely ignore it until the leaves take on their 2015 autumnal hues in Iowa and New Hampshire. But if the story is an insightful profile about a 2016 White House dreamer, then Dr. Politics says with no embarrassment, 'Bring it on.'"
  • "Hillary Clinton is running for President."
  • "Hillary Clinton has already won the 2016 election"
  • "Perhaps we can let Hillary Clinton fade into some temporary obscurity at least until, say, 2014. Let's not allow the next presidential race to become a five-year engagement."
  • "2012 Wasn’t the ‘Twitter Election,’ But Watch Out for 2016"

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