Daily Meme: If They Were Invisible ... We'd Probably Be Better Off.

  • Today, the Washington Blade announced that Clay Aiken is interested in running for North Carolina's 2nd congressional seat.
  • Yes, that Clay Aiken, the one who lost the election that likely features the highest turnout in the country, American Idol
  • Now that it is finally 2014, we expect similar candidates with ... unique qualifications ... will start coming out of the woodwork with their primary paperwork. Not that we've been exactly starving for entertainment thus far. 
  • The frontrunner for least consequential yet most news guzzling candidate of the year obviously goes to Steve Stockman, who ended 2013 on a high note. If you don't count his many problems with the FEC, that is. 
  • If Texas's thirst for weak if well-GIFed tea proves less than resounding and Stockman loses,Texas Monthly's beautiful fever dream of a reality showco-starring Louie Gohmert—seems like a promising alternative.
  • Then, there is Allan Levene, who is running for a handful of seats in Georgia. Multiple constitution buffs and scholars have called it a "crazy strategy."
  • Scott Brown moved to New Hampshire, and much chin scratching about that state's upcoming Senate race followed. Whether Brown's brown coat (great branding Scott!) and pick-up truck made the trek too, leading to a possible rerun of much transportation-centric primary prognostication, remains to be seen.
  • In Georgia's Republican Senate primary, there are a whole host of characters trying to out-conservative one another, including one that just suggested we make poor kids sweep floors in exchange for lunch at school. 
  • In Louisiana, the guy in this picture (a former governor) is interested in maybe trying politics again after serving much of his 10-year sentence for bribery, racketeering, and extortion. Edwin Edwards can't run for state-level positions for 15 years (because of being in jail and all) without a pardon, but there are no such barriers to federal office. Great job, Constitution!
  • George Hutchins—whose campaign website looks like the love child of Upworthy, the Space Jam website, and Ursula from The Little Mermaid—is running for congressional office in North Carolina for the third time. We imagine this year's campaign will have the same denouement as the last two.
  • In other North Carolina election news, there is Greg Bannon, who supports nullification (allowing states to invalidate federal laws), Jesse Helms, and thinks public education dehumanizes students. 
  • For Alaska political junkies, it'll be important to keep an eye on Dan Sullivan. And the other Dan Sullivan.
  • In California, maker of low-budget movies Rodney Lee Conover just released his very low-budget campaign ad. 
  • Also in California, Michael Eggman, member of the "beekeeper mafia" and grower of almonds, is running against a sitting Republican for the 10th District seat. 

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