Daily Meme: Another Week, Another News Cycle Dominated by Obamacare

  • The slow, messy rollout of the Affordable Care Act's biggest ticket items is D.C.'s latest shiny thing. You can expect new stories about the state of health care—and the state of Healthcare.gov's website—from now until at least the first few weeks of the new year, when enrollees start to get insurance.
  • Some of the stories have useful information, like this chart-packed one by Sarah Kliff, which she puts together every day.
  • Much more often, you're going to see griping about Obamacareor stories about the many unanticipated problems with the health-care exchange's debut...
  • ... which Jeffrey Zients, the man in charge of fixing Healthcare.gov, assures will be mostly fixed by the time November ends. We'll see...
  • And anyway, as Larry Summers points out, "it is indefensible to refuse to appropriate money to carry out a programme and then attack it on the grounds that it is being under-resourced." (He's talking about you, Republicans)
  • All this doomsday reporting and analyzing misses out on a few important details about the things Obamacare has already gotten right.
  • Like the fact that up to 7 million Americans could qualify for free insurance under these new exchanges. 
  • Or that many more Americans will get insurance for the first time thanks to the Medicare expansion than will see their plans canceled.
  • Or that some political actors are trying to actively hurt Obamacare's chances of success by making it harder for people to help interested parties sign up. 
  • And, it might be useful to remember how bad health insurance used to be.

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