Can a Blue Wave Save America?

Fall 2018


  • Can a Blue Wave Save America?

    Paul Starr

    An ordinary wave in November won't be enough. Democrats need a big majority of votes to get even a small majority of seats. And failure could unleash Trump.


  • Locking Up the Children

    Manuel Madrid

    The Trump administration's treatment of migrant children as potential criminals has meant lengthy incarcerations for thousands—and an unwelcome shift in mission for the government's children welfare specialists. 
  • How to Regulate Tech Platforms

    Ganesh Sitaraman

    Their sheer market power destroys rivals and abuses data of users. 
  • Who Gets to Tell Stories About Poverty?

    Kalena Thomhave

    The Economic Hardship Reporting Project is redefining how we cover inequality. 



  • The Resistance Goes to the Polls

    A Very, Very, Very Fine House

    Robert Kuttner

    If the Democrats do take back the House in November, how should they pursue strategic goals looking forward to 2020?
  • The Resistance Goes to the Polls

    The Good News from the Voting Wars

    Miles Rapoport & Cecily Hines

    How hard-won expansion of voting possibilities could raise turnout, boost the wave—and help our democracy
  • The Resistance Goes to the Polls

    How Gerrymandering Reform Can Win in the States

    Sam Wang, Ben Williams, & Rick Ober

    Through local action, Democrats this November have a chance to untilt the playing field in every state that now has an extreme partisan gerrymander. 
  • The Resistance Goes to the Polls

    Taking Back North Carolina

    Kirk Ross

    In control of the gerrymandered legislature, Republicans are trying to strip power from the courts and the governor. The Democrats are fighting them at the polls. 
  • The Resistance Goes to the Polls

    Can a Blue Wave in a Blue State Make Ben Jealous Maryland’s First African American Governor?

    Rachel M. Cohen

    He’s running to unseat one of the last remaining moderate Republicans—and he’s running on the left.
  • The Resistance Goes to the Polls

    Fighting the Republicans’ Voter Purges in Ohio

    Harlan Spector

    If you miss voting in an election in Ohio, Republicans make you ineligible to vote in the next one. This year, Democrats are working hard to get Ohioans back on the rolls. 
  • The Resistance Goes to the Polls

    Making American Democracy Representative

    Benjamin I. Page & Martin Gilens

    A bold three-part proposal to introduce ranked-choice voting and proportional representation—and to abolish primaries
  • The Resistance Goes to the Polls

    Florida Wrestles with Election Cybersecurity

    Gabrielle Gurley

    This purple state remains a plum target for hackers foreign and domestic, and its history of suppressive voting measures complicates efforts at reform. 
  • Mass Transit in the Sun Belt

    Joan Fitzgerald

    If you build it, they will come—but not if the system is skimpy and unreliable. 
  • Private Equity Pillage: Grocery Stores and Workers at Risk

    Rosemary Batt & Eileen Appelbaum

    The private equity business model is to strip assets from companies they acquire. The latest victims: retail grocery chains
  • Puffins: Harbingers of Climate Change

    Derrick Z. Jackson

    These small ocean birds are the proverbial canary in the coal mine as the ecology of their habitat worsens.
  • The Trade Strategy We Need

    Kevin P. Gallagher

    Trump isn't wrong to criticize the trading system. But his policies won't fix it. 
  • Mexico's New Hopeful President

    Jeff Faux

    López Obrador's victory ousted Mexico's establishment. If U.S. and Canadian progressives work with him, they just might create a more democratic continent. 
  • Science Under Siege

    Robert Bazell

    The Trump administration is undermining research in key areas, but the scientific enterprise continues within the government largely as it was—at least so far.