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Ron Knox is a reporter and editor living in Kansas City.

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A Democrat Tries to Pull Off a Kansas Miracle

With Republican Representative Mike Pompeo gone to the CIA, Democrat James Thompson is hoping for the upset of all upsets in Tuesday's special election in Wichita.

(Photo: AP/Travis Heying/The Wichita Eagle)
(Photo: AP/Travis Heying/The Wichita Eagle) James Thompson hugs his wife, Lisa, in Wichita on February 11, 2017, after Thompson's selection to represent the Democratic Party in the special election on April 11. I t’s just after three in the afternoon on the Tuesday before Election Day, and James Thompson is in a gray Dodge truck driving away from the studios of yet another radio station. This time, the station was La Raza, a Spanish-language broadcaster that serves Wichita, Kansas, and its environs. For the past three months, the radio station spots, town halls, meet-and-greets, and debates have consumed Thompson’s days—now 12 to 15 hours long—as he attempts what folks here assume is the impossible: delivering one of the most solidly conservative congressional districts in the country to the Democrats. This coming Tuesday, Thompson will be the first Democrat to test the political waters of a federal election since Donald Trump won the presidency five months ago. He is vying to...