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Emily Erdos & Fiona Redmond are editorial interns at The American Prospect

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District Families’ Rally Posters Speak Many Messages

At Washington's Families Belong Together March, the words that people said, wrote, and held up expanded the march's original slogan to incorporate a diversity of causes.

Emily Erdos & Fiona Redmond T he pilgrimage to Lafayette Square began at 10 a.m. for Washington’s Families Belong Together March, just one of more than 700 across the country on June 30. Some protesters wore white, others sported symbolic silver blankets , but almost everyone had a sign. The throngs of red, blue, and yellow “ Families Belong Together ” posters were speckled with countless others, some textbook slogans printed on cardstock and others, homemade phrases written by hand: “Borders are Bullshit,” “Black Lives Matter,” “Abolish ICE,” “I’m a Dreamer of Impeachment,” “Love Has No Borders.” Based on the nationwide turnout, protesters knew that President Trump’s executive order , signed ten days prior, was just a symbolic political gesture—a tiny bandage on a deep and open wound—not an actual solution. Some posters didn’t even have words, just pictures. Hands clasped in the shape of a heart, the stripes on the American flag turned into the bars of a jail cell, or most...